Tracie Glaros
Tracie Glaros First Vice President Financial Planning Associate

I am a highly experienced financial services professional with over 10 years of industry expertise. Throughout my tenure at Maxwell Wealth, my roles have encompassed a wide range of responsibilities. Collaborating closely with Eric, I am involved in all aspects of client service, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for our valued clients.

As a dedicated member of the Maxwell Wealth team, I have had the privilege of playing various integral roles within the firm. Pivotal to our client servicing operations, I work seamlessly alongside Eric and the rest of our team to ensure that every facet of our clients' needs is attended to with the utmost precision and care.

In addition to my client service duties, I take charge of portfolio rebalancing, facilitating the opening of new accounts, and developing comprehensive financial plans. My dedication to providing the best client service possible is at the core of my approach.

I am a proud graduate of Cal State East Bay, where I also had the privilege of playing on the women's golf team. When I am not diligently working in the office, you can often find me on the golf course alongside my fiancé, enjoying our shared love for the game. In moments of relaxation, our beloved Chihuahua, Nacho Dog, brings joy and companionship to our lives.